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Home Interior

We do turnkey home interiors as well as individual rooms . We also do bespoke furniture where we do not use MDF.

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Commercial Interior

Objective of doing any commercial space involves floor coverage efficiency, ease of movement, optimum lighting, and timeliness.

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We can provide consultancy in retail operations, training,new business opportunities to various new and even existing companies .

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Do you know that every home buyer has a dream to do interior work in their home but, only 20% are able to realise their dream . Out of this 20% almost 50% end up paying higher price and 50% compromise on quality in order to save money. Today most of us buy homes on loans and pay hefty EMI and we cannot afford to pay heavy price to do interiors. And dreams remain unfulfilled . We feel skeptical to invite friends and family for Grihapravesh / House warming. Form & Mount has set a mission to empower the home owner to celebrate home buying with quality interiors and realise realise their dreams and make them happy and proud. We have done lot’s of research in creating designs which is not heavy on your pocket , and can make your home look inviting enough to celebrate grihapravesh / housewarming with your family and friends.

Market research has shown an increasing trend in demand for office and retail spaces . This has made us to visualise to aptly convert these spaces into loved spaces . The employees work space in the office must be such that it enhances productivity and improves communication and concentration. For retail spaces , the key is to create and experiential interior with minimum CAPEX . Today the world is giving many opportunities for various businesses . But, great ideas can flourish only when it is backed with proper guidance and business process excellence . Businesses can make money if they consult the right people like us who can give them the correct advise from the customer / market perspective.

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Customer Testimonials

Nikhil Jain

Customer Name : Nikhil Jain
Type of Project : Consultancy for Startup

Your encouragement and advice has led me to places I never thought I would go.
Thank you so much for your mentorship throughout my career. You did a great job
teaching me what I needed to know in order to become a sound professional.
My success is due to your support and mentorship.
I appreciate you so much and value everything I have learned from you.

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